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Creating a Less Threatening Environment
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Articles supporting for the ONE VOICE elements :

Parental Presence & Distraction During Procedures (2013)
Parental Presence
Parental Holding & Positioning
Parental Presence During Anesthesia (2010) 
LP Success Not Influenced by Parental Presence
Benefits of Distraction During Procedures
Distraction During Pediatric Venous Access
Importance of Distraction
Preparing Children for Venous Access
Managing Pediatric Pain in Minor Injuries
Distraction Training for Parents (video)
Distraction During Procedures
Distraction With Adolescents
Comfort Positioning for Medical Procedures (video)
Multidisciplinary Approach to IV Starts
Distraction with Use of EMLA
​No Time for EMLA? Sure there is!
Being a patient can be a very frightening experience for a person of any age. Because children process information differently than adults, the healthcare environment can be particularly traumatic for children and teenagers. ONE VOICE helps identify ways of creating a calmer and less threatening environment for our pediatric patients. The ONE VOICE approach teaches everyone to take a look at the environment, communicate with one another, assign a role to everyone participating and get a game plan....a shared game plan. Implementing ONE VOICE creates a better environment for both patients and staff. 

Use ONE VOICE to educate doctors, nurses, nursing and medical students, residents, child life students, and any other staff working with pediatric patients.  Introduce ONE VOICE using the PowerPoint package, which includes a PowerPoint, posters and ID badge cards.

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