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Creating a Less Threatening Environment for Children Undergoing Medical Procedures...
What is the ONE VOICE approach?

Using the ONE VOICE approach, we can teach health care professionals how to create a less-threatening environment for children during medical procedures. The ONE VOICE acronym uses each letter to help professionals create a more kid-friendly environment....

One voice should be heard during procedure
Need parental involvement
Educate patient before the procedure about what is going to happen

Validate child with words
Offer the most comfortable, non-threatening position
 Individualize your game plan
Choose appropriate distraction to be used
Eliminate unnecessary people not actively involved with the procedure

 The Less Effective Way...
We've ALL seen it happen...
"I really think ONE VOICE is akin to the comfort positioning campaign - desperately needed and something we can all work on in terms of getting the nursing staff on board with it."

Nora Hager, MA, CCLS
Child Life Program Coordinator
Dept of Human Development & Family Studies
University of Missouri - Columbia

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Copyright ONE VOICE 4 Kids, LLC 1996
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The Better Way...
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What Professionals Are Saying...
"Our pediatric unit completed an extensive evidence-based practice project to improve our management of procedural pain in children.  We discovered ONE VOICE as part of our literature review and its philosophy and principles fit perfectly with the research we were reading.  Debbie Wagers came to our hospital and presented the ONE VOICE program to our entire pediatric staff, who embraced it immediately.  Her workshops were fun, informative, and "hands-on", enabling staff members to practice distraction and positioning techniques with feedback from Debbie and from one another.  Staff members were able to begin using the techniques immediately to improve procedural pain management for our patients and their families."

Wendy Asher, MSN, CPNP-PC/AC, CCRN
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Rapid City Regional Hospital
Rapid City, South Dakota

More than 70 hospitals have purchased and implemented ONE VOICE throughout the United States and internationally
PEDIATRIC NURSING/September-October 2013/Vol. 39/No. 5
"Speaking Up for Children Undergoing Medical Procedures: The ONE VOICE Approach"
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